Vision and Mission

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Our Vision...

Our Vision is to raise a generation of God-fearing men and women that would be able to change and impact their world for good through godly living, high moral standards and good neighbourliness.


Our Mission...

To achieve our Vision, we begin by effecting the process of permanent change in children from their tender age by inculcating in them sound values, high moral standards and learning. This means catching them young before the world system begins to negatively influence their way of life and thinking.

We also, in their prime, inculcate in the children, relevant skills, values, knowledge, and habits that would help them grow up into well-built and fully developed pillars that would be able to support and sustain the world around them and be relevant around their world.

Our Motto...

Our Motto is “Inculcating Godly Virtues into Human Vessels”

our teaching team

Mrs. Debbie

Mrs. David

Miss Kemi

Mrs. Ilom

Mrs. Richard

Mrs. Emmanuel

Mrs. Akpan

Engr. Abbey (Admin/ICT Consultant)

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